Lost, Deleted Files? Damaged hard disk, formatted, damaged partition, bad sectors, dead hard disk

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Problem :
1. Repartitioned 2. Formatted Drive 3. Deleted Files 4. Support Windows Linux Mac


Damage :
1. Disk Boot Error 2. MFT Corrupt 3. Slow Responding 4. No Detect on BIOS


Damage :
1. Falling sound 2. Burned PCB, Totally Dead 3. Submerged in Water 4. Bad Area on Platter 5. Scratches


Drive No Detect and There Are Certain Areas That Can't Be Accessed After Being Detected


THE OWNER IS ALUMNI FTI ITB industrial Technology Faculty
Amin Yahya Zefiansyah
NIM ID 133 14 051

Secret Guaranteed 100% Safe

PC 3000 ulitmate portable system
the most update tools for recovery data
(not PC 3000 UDMA)

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Keunggulan Layanan Hardware

Kami selalu serius dalam menangani seluruh keluhan unit pelanggan dengan selalu menjaga kualitas perbaikan dengan standard terbaik saat melakukan service laptop, recovery data dan gadget lainnya.

Service, Selling laptops, cellphones, Macbooks, iPhones, gaming laptops and cellphones

Laptop Apple, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Imac
1 Year Service Guarantee

Laptop Gaming Spesifkasi Tinggi
1 Year Service Guarantee

Selling laptops, Macbooks, Gaming Laptops
1 Year Service Guarantee

Selling laptops, Macbooks, Gaming Laptops
1 Year Service Guarantee

Receive HP/Laptop Minus, damaged, turns on
also accept other electronic waste

Save the Earth from Electronic Waste Starting from Us Instead of becoming a disease, it's better to become money

The types of storage media that we can serve are:

Data Recovery

Harddisk (IDE-ATA/S-ATA/SSD)

Flash disk

USB Drive

Memory Card


Apart from that, we also serve various system formats for Windows (FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS), Macintosh (HFS) and Linux (Ext1, Ext2, Ext3, RaiserFS), as well as RAID

To help you in the data recovery process, we have divided this data recovery service into 3 parts based on the level of difficulty, namely

Light Data Recovery

(Hard disk is still detected normally in Windows/MAC/Linux)
Includes recovering files that were deleted, hidden (Hidden) intentionally or not, whether they were deleted via a computer or other equipment, for example digital cameras, MP3 Players, PDAs, cellphones and others, formatted hard disks, wrongly reinstalling the OS, damaged boot records which resulted in the system not working properly. can boot (Windows/linux/Mac won't start)

(Harddisk Not Detected in Windows/MAC/Linux)
Includes recovering files that are lost or damaged due to viruses/trojans, formatted hard disks/storage media, inaccessible, damaged or lost hard disk partitions, including this category:

  • Hard disk Bad Sector in the System and Data Area
  • Hard disk formatted incorrectly (HFS becomes NTFS, NTFS becomes FAT, etc.)
  • Hard disk asks to be formatted, can't click on the drive
  • Harddisk IO Error / Cannot be Accessed
  • Password protected hard disk
  • The hard disk was once recovered by itself but failed

Heavy Category Data Recovery:

The damage is: such as Locked WD Hard Disk, Firmware Locked Hard Disk and Broken Hard Disk Head, turns on and off, sounds abnormal, read capacity is 0 kilobytes, read heads clicking. The hard disk service and recovery process takes longer. (We will make sure we finish it soon, trust us)


    1. MAIN: Service / Recovery with 1 Billion Tools, Official License, Original 50 million/Year and Technician Team with 10 Years of Experience. (Russian Tool License), Brain Investment 1 billion.
    2. Hard disk service with activities ranging from light to heavy. Light is called Light Medium Service (SRM) and Heavy is called Machine Service (SMS) (70% of our consumers get success only with SRM with the right/cheap costs starting from hundreds of thousands only)
    3. Rank 1 in Indonesia, for Hard Disk Service or Data Recovery with 2600++ reviews and 4.6 stars (Check on Google, Bang Amin Gadget)
      Berlokasi 2.2 KM dari Gedung Sate ICON JAWA BARAT
    4. Business led by ITB Alumni at the Faculty of Industrial Technology in the name of Amin Yahya Zefiansyah/NIM ID 13314051
    5. (Entrepreneur, Researcher and Innovator) Inventor of the Jinjing incubator search on YouTube "Incubator Jinjing ITB Kick Andy F Noya". (emphasis on integrity)
    6. Genuine original spare parts for each brand, 100% guarantee if not original
    7. Ready to pick up and drop off within a 12 KM radius from the Gedung Sate location, West Java!
    8. OPEN 15 Hours, The only Data Recovery Workshop! Open 06.00-21.00
    9. One of them is the Hard Disk Service Workshop which can rescue data from Ransomware (a virus that locks our data or cannot be opened or the hacker asks for ransom). Our team has White Hackers who can fight back to help your data.
    10. Real Portfolio and you can even ask the contacts of our customers who have collaborated with us to ask for details of our activities in the following account or click the following link (instagram kami) so that your guarantee is satisfied that nothing is covered. Contact us immediately via Instagram or WhatsApp 0851-7429-9887
2,650 Google reviews

THE OWNER IS ALUMNI FTI ITB industrial Technology Faculty
Amin Yahya Zefiansyah
NIM ID 133 14 051

Secret Guaranteed 100% Safe


To increase success in rescue process If your data is lost, please follow these tips

  1. When you realize your files are lost/deleted stop work immediately to avoid lost/deleted files being overwritten by other files which means that your files cannot be 100% saved.
  2. If data is lost on the hard disk, immediately turn off the computer, if the lost data is in other equipment such as a digital camera, PDA, USB, immediately turn off the equipment/unmount the media then remove the storage media.
  3. Don't try to recover data yourself use any software, because lack of experience in handling data recovery will result in your data being lost/damaged and the possibility of it being recovered will be small. for example, the direct action of scanning to save data is not appropriate. You should do cloning first.
  4. Don't try to UNLOAD THE HARD DISK yourselfi, due to lack of experience and equipment needed in handling data recovery will result in permanent data loss.
  5. Contact us directly to get the right data recovery solution for you.


  • The estimated standard checking time is 1-3 days and not binding Considering that the condition of the hard disk varies in each case, and the number of hard disk queues that must be processed, we try to provide information on the condition and status of the hard disk as quickly as possible after checking.
  • Estimated Data Recovery time is 0.1 – 30 days and not binding Depending on the media capacity, the level of damage / bad sector of the hard disk, the availability of spare parts and also remembering that each case has its own uniqueness, we try to recover your data as quickly as possible, if you need a priority queue then the data recovery cost will be adjusted according to the Priority rate
  • If recovery can be implemented you will get screenshots or streaming video/teamviewer/anydesk  which will show your data that has been successfully recovered. but you can't copy data. This activity just ensures this data is what you need or not.
  • Hard disk / other media not taken for more than 14 days is not the responsibility of Burea Data Solution.
  • The recovery data is as it was before the hard disk was damaged, including that it may contain viruses or malware or there are files that are damaged so they cannot be opened.
  • Burea Data Solution is not responsible for the contents of the hard disk, and cannot be sued in any form regarding the contents of the hard disk, including software / programs / songs / films and other material that is pirated or contains SARA.
  • For hard disks that contain Bad Sectors, data is trapped in the bad sectors, either partially or completely, then it is possible that the files are cannot be opened/corrupt, and does not reduce data recovery costs
  • The recovery results are taken over 14 days after confirmation of successful recovery results it will be an additional 50% fee is charged of the total. This is data that we have to maintain in our database which could have fatal consequences for the data being deleted because of the large number of clients we are managing
  • Cancellation of Recovery because the data does not match what was needed in the initial contract, namely folders or files that were really needed afterwards succeed carried out by the Technician Team, only paying the cost of checking the prayer mat.
  • If replacement of spare parts is required, either part or all of the hard disk, we will DEFINITELY confirm first. Here we help you, not hold you back. Our integrity as data recovery is expensive and equipped with knowledge from ITB Alumni.
  • Head replacement is a very difficult process and requires special skills, experience and equipment, with a high failure rate. For cannibalized hard disks, especially Heads with the same type of hard disk, the probability of success is 10-99% depends on the condition original hard disk/disc. You don't need the data so you don't need to pay data recovery fees. only the cost of checking and materials is mutually agreed before work.
  • We Not Accepting HARDDISK Repair, Only data recovery, an easier and safer solution is to buy a new hard disk. We focus on data recovery or data recovery.
  • Hard disks that are in the Heavy category will definitely be dismantled, both the external casing and the hard disk itself, which will invalidate the hard disk warranty if it is still there.
  • Bureau data solution Guarantee the confidentiality of your data because our Commissioner or Owner is an ITB Alumni who emphasizes integrity in his actions. All data that has been taken for more than 14 days will be permanently deleted from our servers, and also media/hard disks that have not been taken for more than 30 days will be deleted. destroy for the security of your data.
  • We Have the Right REJECT Hard disk that has ever been dismantled elsewhere, or provide special prices for data recovery for existing hard disks never recovered at another place. However, we will help save your data according to a special agreement.
  • If you were exposed to malpractice at a previous company or shop, then we can help you report that malpractice occurred. Here you are losing out on the price of data worth hundreds of millions.
  • For those of you who have already placed an order, it is hoped that it will be done understand and agree the contents of these provisions

Free Data Recovery Consultation!!
If we can't recover your data, you don't need to pay!!
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We are a company that has coaches from abroad, especially European countries. that's why our name at the beginning is called Bureau
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